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Conversion & Distribution Unit (CDU Combo Unit)

Conversion & Distribution Unit (CDU Combo Unit)

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Types of Conversion & Distribution Unit (CDU Combo Unit)

Conversion & Distribution Unit (CDU Combo Unit)
OBC+DCD+PDU 3 in 1 CDU Unit OBC+DCD+PDU 3 in 1 CDU Unit
CDU is an integrated product for vehicle power supply, with OBC and DC/DC converter as the core, and other high-voltage components to form a system integration product, which has the advantage of reducing the space occupied and the number of parts suppliers.
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Main Components of Conversion & Distribution Unit

Main components of CDU:

(1) OBC, or On-Board Charger, mainly converts single-phase AC or three-phase AC into DC to charge the vehicle power battery.

(2) DC/DC converter mainly converts the high-voltage DC power output from the power battery into low-voltage DC power to supply power to the low-voltage power equipment of the vehicle.

(3) PDU is the high-voltage power distribution unit, which is a centralized power distribution scheme for new energy vehicles, with compact structure design, convenient wiring layout and convenient maintenance.

Benefits of Conversion & Distribution Unit

(1) 15% reduction in product weight, 20% reduction in volume, and 5% reduction in low-speed power consumption costs;

(2) Expandable modular platform, which can be extended to match different models, greatly shortening the product development cycle and saving costs;

(3) Frequency conversion and multi-vector decoupling control algorithm, effectively improving motor dynamic response and NVH characteristics;

(4) Perfect fault diagnosis and safety monitoring mechanism, effectively ensure the vehicle high voltage safety, torque safety and high temperature safety.

Use of Conversion & Distribution Unit

CDU is mainly used in the field of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, professional vehicles and other types of new energy vehicles, and is the core component to achieve electrical energy conversion inside the vehicle. We have developed two solutions: vehicle-mounted 3-in-1 unidirectional charger (3.3KW unidirectional OBC+1.5KW DCDC+PDU) and vehicle-mounted 3-in-1 bidirectional charger (6.6KW bidirectional OBC+1.5KW DCDC+PDU), which can meet any vehicle models.

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