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Electric Drive Unit in Bus & Coach Powertrain

New Energy Bus&Coach Market Trends

Nowadays, customer demand is the main guide for vehicle development, and the new energy bus market is entering a new normal of steady development. From the perspective of host plant costs and technology development routes, new energy buses are facing six major development trends: lightweight, customization, environmental protection, electrification, intelligence, and network connectivity. At present, the bus has higher requirements for the technical level of components and quality standards of the whole vehicle. Core component suppliers need to cooperate with the host plant to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle and lower the technical cost to improve the cost performance of the whole vehicle and help the steady development of new energy buses.

Mainstream High-voltage Electronic Control Requirements For New Energy Buses&Coaches

The electrification of the bus to promote the optimization of the core components of the vehicle configuration program, technological progress cost reduction to escort it, we have accumulated through their own rich experience in supporting and solid industrial base, to establish a new energy bus vehicle power basic solutions, modular, platform, high conversion efficiency, small size, light weight and other high quality standards, to improve the host factory's market competitiveness, improve the cost performance of the vehicle.

New Energy Bus&Coach Powertrain Solutions

Integrated Application Solutions

Two-in-one: DC/DC+OBC;

Three-in-one: DC/DC+OBC+high voltage junction box.

Stand-alone application solutions

DC/DC and OBC each for independent application, unidirectional/bi-directional 3kW, 6kW, 10kW power with 24V output.

NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China
NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China