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Introduction of CDU

CDU (Conversion & Distribution Unit) is an integrated product for vehicle power supply, which takes OBC and DC/DC converter as the core, and forms a system integration product with other high-voltage components, which has the advantage of reducing the occupied space and the number of parts suppliers.

Components of CDU

(1)OBC (On-board charger), i.e. on-board charger, mainly converts single-phase AC or three-phase AC into DC for charging automobile power battery.

(2)DC/DC Converter (electric car dc dc converter) is mainly used to convert the high-voltage DC output from the power battery into low-voltage DC to supply power to the low-voltage power equipment of the car.

(3)PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is a high-voltage power distribution unit, which is a centralized power distribution scheme for new energy vehicles, with compact structural design, convenient wiring layout, and quick and easy maintenance.

CDU is "OBC+DC/DC+PDU" three-in-one integrated car power products, in addition to two-in-one, four-in-one and so on.

Applications of CDU

CDU is mainly used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, professional vehicles and other types of new energy vehicles in the field, is the core component of the car to realize the conversion of electric energy.


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