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What Are the Three Electric Systems of Electric Vehicles?

With the development of the electric vehicle industry, the functions of automotive electronic systems are becoming increasingly complex. The three-electric system in electric vehicles refers to the power battery, drive motor and electronic control system, which are the core components of electric vehicles.

Power Battery

The power battery is the energy source for driving the motor, and ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate batteries are commonly used in electric vehicles. Among them, the advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery are low cost, good stability and long durability.

Drive Motor

The motor is the power source of new energy, and different forms of motors have different characteristics.

1. DC drive motor, its electrons are permanent magnets, the rotor is powered by DC, and the current-carrying conductor will be subjected to Abe force in the magnetic field, so that the rotor will rotate. The advantage of this motor form is lower cost and lower requirements on the electronic control system.

2. The permanent magnet synchronous motor has the same working principle as the DC motor. The difference is that the DC motor is fed with a square wave current, while the permanent magnet synchronous motor is a sine wave current. Its advantages are high power performance, excellent reliability, and relatively small body.

3. Induction motor, because the movement of charges in the magnetic field will generate Loren magnetic force, which will make the rotor rotate, because the magnetic field in the electron rotates first and then the rotor will rotate, so it is also called asynchronous motor. Its advantages are low manufacturing cost and good power performance.

Electronic Control System

The electronic control system can be divided into vehicle control system and motor control system.

what are the three electric systems of electric vehicles

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