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Electric Drive Unit For A Vehicle
EMP has been developing motor controller solutions (DC/DC Converter, OBC Unit, and CDU Combo Unit) since 2003, and has accumulated rich experience in industrialization and product technology upgrading. From the beginning of design to mass production, EMP's quality excellence management system is integrated into our electric vehicle drive units and electric drive unit components.
DC/DC Converter Unit
DC/DC Converter Unit
Our DC/DC converter is specially designed for pure electric vehicles, with high power, small size, fully sealed, etc. It can automatically convert constant voltage and constant current, and is suitable for the design application of high voltage 97V input to 29V low voltage output.
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On-Board Charger Unit (OBC Unit)
On-Board Charger Unit (OBC Unit)
EMP vehicle power platform products are specially developed for new energy vehicles and can be customized according to customer needs. The company's products have the advantages of small size, reliable operation and high efficiency.
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Motor Control Unit
Motor Control Unit
The motor control unit developed by EMP for the development trend of new energy vehicles has the characteristics of low electromagnetic noise of the motor, good NVH performance, and high efficiency of the motor system.
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Conversion & Distribution Unit (CDU Combo Unit)
Conversion & Distribution Unit (CDU Combo Unit)
The complete vehicle control unit, a controller developed by EMP specifically for electric vehicles. It is the main management unit of the vehicle and communicates with the vehicle drive system and other components.
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Electric Drive Unit Solutions

As a key component of electric vehicles, efficient electric drive solutions are required to meet the growing market demands. We continue to conduct in-depth research with our partners and develop together. At EMP EV Mobility, we offer state-of-the-art electric drive unit solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the electric vehicle industry. Our comprehensive range of EV drive units, including their components, are meticulously designed and developed through extensive research and in collaboration with our esteemed partners.

Electric Drive Unit in Passenger Vehicle Powertrain Passenger Vehicle Powertrain Solution
Passenger Vehicle Powertrain Solution
EMP is committed to providing a wide range of product portfolios for new energy vehicles, and cooperates with many brand car enterprise customers to provide high-quality solutions to make OEM's sustainable development strategy more effective, while providing consumers with comfort and excellent driving experience.
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Electric Drive Unit in Bus & Coach Powertrain Bus & Coach Powertrain Solution
Bus & Coach Powertrain Solution
The electric drive unit (EDU) is a crucial component in the powertrain of electric buses and coaches. It is responsible for converting electrical energy from the battery into mechanical energy to propel the vehicle.
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Electric Drive Unit in Electric Truck Powertrain Electric Truck Powertrain Solution
Electric Truck Powertrain Solution
The electric motor is the primary component of the EDU. It converts electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy to drive the wheels of the truck. The motor can be either an AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) motor, depending on the design and requirements of the powertrain.
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EMP EV Mobility was estalished in 2003, as a high-tech industry focusing on the electric vehicle automobile industry as its core business. The company is committed to the development, manufacture, sales, and service of electric drive systems, and cooperates with many automobile manufacturers to provide customers with high-quality products and efficient solutions in the field of automotive power supply. The main products are electric vehicle powertrain, power supply assembly, drive motor, motor controller, DC-DC converter, and other core components in the power field of the electric vehicles. With high efficiency, lightweight, low cost, and other significant advantages of electric vehicle drive units and electric drive unit components, and have cooperated well-known brand customers like Daimler, Continental, and Ford etc. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with more customers at home and abroad to create low-carbon, energy-saving, and environment-friendly travel and promote the development of the electric vehicle industry.

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