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Definition and Classification of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles refer to the use of unconventional vehicle fuels as power sources (or the use of conventional vehicle fuels and new on-board power devices), comprehensive vehicle power control and advanced technology in driving, and the formation of advanced technical principles and new features. technology, the new structure of the car.

Electric vehicles include hybrid electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), pure electric vehicles (BEV,), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), hydrogen engine vehicles, and other new energy (such as high-efficiency energy storage, DME) vehicles And other categories of products.

1. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

Hybrid vehicles are driven mainly by the engine during normal driving.

2. Pure Electric Vehicle (BEV)

The drive system of a pure electric vehicle consists of two major components, an electric motor, and a power battery.

3. Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCEV)

A fuel cell vehicle refers to a vehicle driven by a motor using fuel such as hydrogen and methanol to generate an electric current through a chemical reaction.

4. Hydrogen-powered Cars

A hydrogen-powered vehicle refers to a vehicle that uses hydrogen energy as a power source and operates an electric motor through the reaction of oxygen and hydrogen in a fuel cell.

definition and classification of electric vehicles

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