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High-Voltage Components and Functions of Electric Vehicles

In electric vehicles, the components with high-voltage electricity in the whole vehicle include power batteries, drive motors, high-voltage power distribution boxes (PDUs), electric compressors, DC/DC, OBC, PTC, high-voltage wiring harnesses, etc. These components constitute The high-voltage system of the vehicle, in which the power battery, drive motor, and high-voltage control system are the three core components of a pure electric vehicle.

1. Driver Controller (MCU)

The motor controller MCU converts high-voltage direct current into alternating current and performs signal interaction with other modules on the vehicle to realize effective control of the drive motor.

The drive motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the car. Different from the engine of traditional fuel vehicles, which converts the chemical energy of fuel combustion into mechanical energy, its work efficiency is higher, reaching over 85%. Therefore, compared with traditional vehicles, its energy utilization rate is higher and it can reduce the waste of resources.

2. High Voltage Power Distribution Box (PDU)

The high-voltage power distribution box is a power distribution device for the high-voltage electricity of the vehicle, similar to the electrical fuse box in the low-voltage circuit system. The high-voltage fuse box PDU (Power Distribution Unit) is composed of many high-voltage relays and high-voltage fuses, and there are related chips inside it to realize signal communication with related modules to ensure the safety of high-voltage power consumption of the vehicle.

3. DC/DC Converter

In electric vehicles, DC/DC is a device that converts high-voltage direct current into low-voltage direct current. There is no engine on an electric vehicle, and the source of electricity for the entire vehicle is no longer a generator and a battery, but a power battery and a battery. Since the rated voltage of the vehicle electrical appliances is low voltage, a DC/DC device is required to convert high-voltage direct current into low-voltage direct current, so as to maintain the balance of vehicle power consumption.

4. On-board Charger (OBC)

OBC (On Board Charge) is a device that converts alternating current to direct current. Because the battery pack is a high-voltage DC power supply, when charging with AC power, the AC power cannot be directly stored by the battery pack. Therefore, an OBC device is needed to convert high-voltage AC power into high-voltage DC power to charge the power battery.

high voltage components and functions of electric vehicles

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