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Electric Drive Unit in Passenger Vehicle Powertrain

New Energy Passenger Vehicle Market Trends

The new energy vehicle industry is entering a phase of rapid development, and core technologies such as power batteries and motor control systems have been comprehensively improved, so that the range, charging time and safety of new energy vehicles have been greatly enhanced. However, with the rapid iterative development of new energy passenger cars, the requirements for the core technologies of motor drive for electric vehicle, power batteries and electric control systems have become more and more stringent. In the development process of new energy vehicles, technological progress is an important factor to promote the development of the base.

Mainstream High-voltage Electronic Control Requirements For New Energy Passenger Vehicles

With profound insight into the market and forward-looking research, we adhere to the road of technological innovation, using our rich industrialization experience and technology iteration and upgrading capabilities to develop a number of basic solutions. And through integrated technology, we continuously improve the cost-performance advantage of the system.

1. A00-class passenger car solutions: cost-effective, miniaturization, and reduction of overall vehicle costs.

2. Mainstream passenger car solutions: single-phase charging, bi-directional (V2L, V2G) charging function.

3. Ultra-long range passenger cars: three-phase AC charging, meet high-power charging, and enhance charging experience.

New Energy Passenger Vehicle Powertrain Solutions

Two-in-one/three-in-one system integrated application, unidirectional/bi-directional, in line with the industry charging requirements, to meet the functional safety and other requirements, is the mainstream solution for new energy passenger car high-voltage electric control;

Two-in-one: DC/DC+OBC, OBC+high voltage junction box, DC/DC+high voltage junction box;

Three in one: DC/DC+OBC+high-voltage junction box.

Independent application solutions

DC/DC and OBC are applied independently, single-phase AC/three-phase AC, unidirectional/bi-directional 3.3kW, 6.6kW, 11kW, 22kW charging power.

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NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China