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OBC+DCD+PDU 3 in 1 CDU Unit
electric vehicle drive unit
electric vehicle drive unit
cdu cooling distribution unit
electric drive unit
ev drive unit

OBC+DCD+PDU 3 in 1 CDU Unit

Product Features

  • Highly integrated electrical integration

  • Automotive grade design, ASIL compatible

  • Support V2L, V2G, V2V and other multi-scene requirements

  • Smaller and lighter design, stable technical performance and high efficiency

  • Liquid-cooled cooling method, fast heat dissipation, dustproof and low noise

  • Multiple protection functions such as EMC, voltage resistance, insulation, vibration and electrical protection

  • Allocation and control of high-voltage devices of the whole vehicle through the whole vehicle control unit to ensure the safety performance of each system

Specification of OBC+DCDC+PDU 3-in-1 CDU Unit

Product name3.3KW OBC+1.5KW DC-DC+20KW PDU6.6KW OBC+1.5KW DC-DC+20KW PDU
DC input voltage
DC output voltage
OBC output voltage100V~1000V
DC/DC conversion efficiency≥95%
OBC conversion efficiency96%~98%
Heat dissipation modeLiquid cooling
Water proofIP67
Control methodCAN2.0

Characteristics of OBC+DCDC+PDU 3-in-1 CDU Unit

(1) It shortens the arrangement of UVW high-voltage wiring harness, reduces the high cost of using UVW high-voltage wiring harness, and effectively improves the efficiency of motor, controller and reducer after shortening the transmission distance.

(2) The integrated electric drive assembly achieves 30% weight reduction and 40% volume reduction, which improves its overall body space utilization by more than 50% and provides a strong guarantee for range.

(3) The vehicle's center of gravity is lowered for better handling performance, which also leads to higher torque capacity and improved efficiency of the electric drive system assembly.

(4) The reduced size of the electric drive system makes the space layout inside the vehicle more flexible, and the modular design can be extended, which greatly shortens the product development cycle and reduces costs and increases efficiency.

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NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China
NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China