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1.5KW DC/DC Converter Unit
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electric drive unit
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1.5KW DC/DC Converter Unit

Product Features

  • Adopt advanced high-frequency switching control technology, effectively reducing the size of the product, with the characteristics of high power density.

  • Support 240 ~ 450Vdc wide range input, flexible to adapt to different models.

  • High safety electrical isolation of input and output.

  • Meet the requirements of automotive-grade electromagnetic compatibility.

  • With functions of over-under voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection, providing safe and reliable assurance.

  • Standard CAN 2.0B interface design, supporting standard UDS diagnostic development.

  • Strategy can be customized according to the needs of the whole vehicle, and all software can be upgraded online.

Specification of 1.5KW DC/DC Converter Unit

1.5KW DC-DC Converter
Output power1.5KW
Input voltage200V DC-420V DC
Output voltage12-14V DC
Working voltage range6-18V
Water proofIP67
Heat DissipationAir cooling/Water cooling/Self-cooling
Control methodCAN 2.0B
Net weight5.65KG

Characteristics of 1.5KW DC-DC Converter Unit

In the application of DC/DC converters for electric vehicles, the use of smart switching technology enables efficient operation at higher frequencies. By using smart switching technology, the maximum switching frequency of the EV DC/DC converter can be increased to 1.5 kHz, thus increasing the charging efficiency of the EV to more than 80%. At the same time, the loss and temperature rise of the EV DC/DC converter can be effectively reduced by using smart switching technology.

For the design requirements of the DC/DC converter of electric vehicles, power control technology can be used to realize the control of the heat generated during the operation of the DC/DC converter. The power control technique enables efficient operation at lower frequencies.

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NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China
NO.38 Duanzhou San Road, Zhaoqing (526060), Guangdong, China